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Mortal Kombat X is a user-friendly mobile game that can satisfy both avid fighting game fans, memorizing every combination of punches and bringing their use to automatism, and fans who just want to have fun. The entry threshold is extremely low - no deep background knowledge or special skills and abilities you do not need to dash through a single-player campaign and enjoy spending time in online battles. Your game will become even more joyful if you buy Mortal Kombat Android account. It will let you get all the benefits and access to as many souls as you want. They will allow you to get extra things for the game.

With the new global update of Mortal Kombat X Mobile to version 2.0, the game changed its name to Mortal Kombat Mobile and got characters from the computer game Mortal Kombat 11.

Souls in Mortal Kombat X is the most expensive and the most profitable currency. In addition to souls, the game has crystals, silver, and gold coins. All of them are needed to buy new characters and improve them. The souls are needed to open rare chests, where you can drop cool things, gold characters, or packs of heroes. Also with the help of souls, you can restore the energy of any characters and put them back on the battlefield.

With the new release, all the heroes fall only from the special sets in the store with a limited probability, and raise their elite becomes a costly goal. The more valuable the souls.

There are simple quests in the game, completing which you will receive a small number of souls to your MKX mobile account. Progress on quests resets every day, so you can earn souls every day. By completing other quests you can also earn gold.

One more way to get souls is the task mode. You send fighters from your collection to missions where they will earn resources and experience without your involvement. During these missions, your heroes will be unavailable for combat for several hours to a day, but you will receive souls, gold, and other rewards once you complete the mission. However, the longer your fighters are unavailable, the higher the rewards will be.

Want to get a lot of Mortal Kombat Mobile souls today directly to your account? Our platform offers a unique service for mobile device owners where you can buy MK mobile account full of souls. When you buy MKX mobile account, you get access to an unlimited amount of souls and other benefits. Ready for enjoyable games? Buy Mortal Kombat account now and play with all the features with no limitations.

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