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Souls in Mortal Kombat Mobile, along with money, play a decisive role in the composition of the characters and the quality they will have on your account. Souls are needed for everything: the purchase of kits in the MK store, buying characters, improving the passive skills of the diamond characters, updating the temporary turrets, reloading fighters, and so on. You can buy money for souls, but it is not possible to exchange them back. Thus, souls are the main currency of the game, and it takes a lot of time to get them. It is much faster to buy MKX iOS soul. It is not so expensive and lets you enjoy the game even more.

So, for example, to increase the merger of a good gold card costs 450 souls, respectively, pumping up to the maximum level will require 4,500. Opening packs costs approximately 400 souls, and the necessary characters fall out with low probability, which also means a lot of coming expenses. The easiest way is to buy souls. However, there are other options for obtaining this currency in the game.

How to get souls in Mortal Kombat Mobile for free?

Obviously, you can buy MKX iOS souls in the built-in store, but they cost monstrously expensive there, so we will not consider this option. You have several ways to get this currency:

  • Get these souls for completing tasks every day. All daily quests give you a penny, but you can also collect them every day.
  • Free Souls. You will find a tab with free souls in the MK shop. For viewing ads (25 souls per day maximum) and for completing other tasks every day you can receive this currency.
    In towers, battle mode, mission mode drop a little as well.
  • Souls in different challenges are given not only by the results of stages 3 and 5 but also simply in battles out of turn. So this option is useful even if a gamer is not interested in a particular character.
  • Faction Wars allow every player to get some MK soul. The number of coins depends on your ranking by season result. So pay attention to this criterion beforehand.
  • Bonuses. During holidays, free souls are handed out. For example, during the winter holidays, a gamer could receive free souls for 5 days.
These different ways and smart using of these virtual coins will let every player go well towards receiving souls. But all of them require diligence and hours of game. However, you can buy Mortal Kombat soul MK. In this case, you just need to select how many souls you think you need to play this amazing mobile game and buy MKX soul. The process will take less than 5 minutes.

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