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How to Get Souls and Where to Spend Them?

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Mortal Kombat Mobile is almost the same as its PC alternative but with a fantastic ability to play on the go. This world-famous game features famous fatalities, stunning graphics, and stunning moves on your smartphone or tablet. Gather an elite team of Mortal Kombat warriors and prove yourself in the greatest tournament on Earth.

This mobile game has several types of in-game currency at once. From standard gold coins to bloody rubies received as rewards for winning faction battles.

The most popular in-game currency is souls, rarely got in battles. Most gold characters in the store can be bought only for souls. That's why players so often wonder how they can get souls.

Easy Ways to Get Souls

One of the most common ways to get souls is by completing regular missions. They comprise 12 objectives. To achieve each of them, you can receive a particular reward and the key prize. This prize will often contain several souls. The list of missions is updated each day. If you complete these missions for two weeks, you can accumulate the number of souls you need to buy a skilled golden character. Here are some of the major missions in this well-known mobile game:

  • Start playing the game during the day: 5:00 am to 2:00 pm (3 souls).
  • Start playing the game in the evening: 2 pm to 5 pm (3 souls).
  • Unlock 2 sets of Allies and get 1000 gold coins. Go to the store and look for the Union Set. It's worth 500 Union Points. You must open two of these sets, that is to earn 1000 Union Points each day.
  • Upgrade your Special Reception for 1000 gold coins. Select an existing character card and improve any special move.
  • Buy or combine a support card (1000 gold coins).
  • Upgrade a character card (1000 gold coins). Fight battles to level up at least one of your existing characters. You can also do this with a special card.
Finally, you can simply buy souls for real money. To get your souls, just click on the "plus" icon at the top of the screen, where the total number of your souls is shown.

How to Spend Souls

The best thing you can do with your souls is to save as many of them as you can. When there are at least 450 souls, it will be possible to purchase the MK 11 pack that contains everything you need for a perfect game. Also you can buy any other packs to get terminator, day of dead team, strike force team and many more.

Furthermore, with your souls, you can unlock unique personalization items in feats. They help you win to show your superiority with endless combinations of dynamic victory stances, insult taunts, and champion banners. Completed feats also enhance your characters!

Souls are one of the main types of currency in Mortal Kombat Mobile for Android and iOS gadgets. They are needed to buy characters, get cool kits, skip difficult or boring test stages, and for much, much more. Every Mortal Kombat X player knows that souls are always woefully in short supply.

There are several ways to earn souls for free in the game:

  • Daily quests. One of these tasks is simply entering the game (3+3 per day). All daily quests give you some souls, but you can also collect them every day.
  • Free Souls. There is a tab with free souls in the built-in store of Mortal Kombat Mobile for both Android and iOS devices. For viewing ads and for completing other tasks, you can also earn souls every day.
  • In Faction Wars. Here you can get quite a few souls already, depending on your ranking by the result of the season.
  • Temporary promotions. Sometimes, for holidays, free souls are given out for all players. Thus, for the new 2021, players received 50 souls for 5 days.
Moreover, mobile users can get them in challenges. The higher the level of the challenge, the better the rewards. Souls in trials are not only given by the results of the 3 and 5 stages but also in just in battles out of turn. So, trials are useful even if you're not interested in a particular character.

Everything is simple if you want to get free souls in challenges. Choose a tower, in the tower choose a job (if it is not one), choose a fighter or fighters who will do some work and press the buttons to start the task. Each task has its own parameters: the level of difficulty, working time, the number of slots for fighters and, of course, the reward. The more difficult or longer the task, the higher the reward. You can perform three tasks at the same time, with different characters.

All of these ways of getting souls and smart spending of this game currency will allow you to go pretty well towards accumulating souls. But all of these ways require diligence and time. Nonetheless, you can simply buy Mortal Kombat Mobile souls, purchase what you want and easily complete the following missions.

Exciting and spectacular fights in this breathtaking mobile game will allow you to feel all the drive of this fighting game of the latest generation for iOS and Android. And with the accrued game currency, you get fast progress in Mortal Combat Mobile, the availability of any game packs, you can spend a lot of money on everything you want.

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