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Mortal Kombat Android souls for sale

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Mortal Kombat Mobile is a unique masterpiece for iOS and Android mobile platforms. The high-quality graphics of the game will allow you to plunge into the world especially if you use Mortal Kombat souls for sale! This famous fatality, striking graphics, and stunning techniques on your mobile device.

To buy characters, upgrades, and other goodies, you need money. MK X has several types of currency, silver coins, gold coins, souls, and some shards, like crystals, while Faction Wars has red rubies. As for most professional players, the most necessary currency is gold coins and souls, the most difficult to obtain of these two - the souls. Souls are very hard to accumulate and easy to spend. Almost all of the gold characters that are in the store are sold for souls, and their price is not small. You want to buy a cool character and not enough souls. But in this game, you can accumulate souls all the time.

What should you do to get souls in this mobile game? Open daily tasks and see what they say, and what will be paid. For example, to enter the game from so and so hours to so and so, for this you get three souls. On the other hand, this is only for the fact that you went into the game! In general, read all the tasks, carry them out and get the reward. Further playing in the network, we get a reward! The higher the rank, the greater the reward at the end of the season. The season lasts about three days, eighty souls can be earned by defeating enemies.

In tests, which last a certain time, there are towers, passing which gives gold coins, equipment, and, of course, the souls. One tower has from 12 to 15 duels, in 10 to 15 minutes you can pass. Each tower has its own requirements for the team. Winning all towers will give you a golden character. Trials are a great way to earn souls.

You can earn souls even without being in the game itself! To do this, go to the mode tasks, choose a task, choose a character to go there to do something, and that's it. Quest lasts from one to several hours, during this time the characters that are on the job can only fight in faction wars, in other battles they can not participate. As the time of the mission expires, will give a reward.

However, it can take a lot of time to get souls. But what if a user wants to receive them faster. Then he should buy MK souls for sale. This option is completely safe and allows you to access the same opportunities as real souls. With Mortal Kombat iOS souls for sale, you can get characters and improve your game.

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