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Towers is a standard single-player mode that is found in almost all parts of Mortal Kombat.

Types of Towers

A Mortal Kombat mobile tower can be divided into two types.

In classic mode, you must defeat a certain number of enemies without changing your character. Such towers include the following types:

  • Beginner - you fight 5 opponents. The first four enemies are random, but the last will be Chronicle.
  • Warrior - you fight 8 enemies. Everything is the same with the "Beginner" tower.
  • Veteran - you fight 12 enemies. Difficulty and enemies similar to the previous towers.
  • Infinity - this Tower is infinite and you fight as long as you want. Difficulty level - normal, you can't change.
  • Survival - you have to defeat 25 enemies. After defeating one enemy you move on to the next fight with your remaining health.
Even though, newbies enjoy completing tasks with classic towers, experienced players are looking for something more challenging. That's why developers have created another type. The time tower is a constantly rotating mechanism that unlocks new challenges for players. After completing the training tower, the player will see a map with seven islands. Each of them has a certain number of towers.

How To Ease Everything

Although towers are thrilling to most users, it takes time to complete them. To solve this problem, buy winning tower battle MK mobile services. Your price depends on the number of floors of the tower, which can be from 5 to 15. This Tower boost is fantastic if you want to improve your character a bit faster and are ready to move to the next level.

But what if you aren't ready to complete towers but still want to access the equipment players receive during such rounds? Then we've also got you covered!

Complete tasks perfectly with tower equipment Mortal Kombat and get everything from your game sessions.

What Tower Equipment MK Mobile You Can Buy

With us, you can get any rare and unique tower equipment MK, and these are just a few options:

  • Bloody tomahawk;
  • T-800 endoskeleton arm;
  • Body armour;
  • Storm hat.
It's not the only way to improve your game results. Besides getting a tower boost and unique equipment, you can buy diamond characters.

Why You Need To Buy Diamond Characters

Diamond characters in Mortal Kombat have better health and attack, toughness, stamina and strength, as well as an additional fourth equipment slot. They are beautiful and deadly, and can only essentially compete with each other. Certainly, having these cards makes your squad more powerful, spectacular, and brutal.

Which diamond character is the best? It's impossible to give a definite answer because everyone has their own unique strengths.

The biggest problem with these skins is the ability to spend thousands of souls until you get one. Some will say, for example, that they got the strongest characters with the opening of the first set they bought, and some will say that they got nothing, having already opened 10 pieces.

We help you avoid such randomness, letting you buy a character according to your needs.

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