Over 180 limited diamond packs

   This service allows you to purchase any limited packs above the limit. Limited packs are usually limited to 20 or 40 pieces.

Conditions for purchase:
   You must have at least 10 packs of the desired type available for purchase (that is, not purchased), as well as the required number of souls. If you have less than 10 packs available, the service is not provided. Also you must have souls for all of those packs. If you don't have souls you can buy it from us with huge discount (contact us for more info)

   After the service is provided, you cannot buy this pack anymore until there is a promotion on it again.
   Prices are indicated regardless of the current limit (20 or 40) of packs.
50+ packs means that 50 packs will be purchased + several bonus ones.

Before placing the order you can:
  1. Check feedbacks since 2020 year -> click here
  2. Read FAQ page where you can find some info about our work -> click here
  3. Contact us directly to discuss anything you want -> click here
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