75k souls + 75M coins

Please read FAQ before placing your order

How order proceed:
1. After payment you should provide account details (WB login and pass)
2. We will log in account and add souls (keep app closed until done)
3. Order will be competed in 2 - 72 hours (depend on amount of souls)
4. When all souls will be added we will message you
 If the order will takes more than 24 hours we will take breaks to let you play or open packs. (We works about 16 hours per day)

Up to 20% extra souls for regular customers
Leveling up your characters up to 50 level (more souls = more characters)

You can check our reputation here: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/mksouls.com
Feel free to ask any questions

Discord : p3xa#1698 
Telegram : @p33xa
EMail : p3xaoff@gmail.com
WhatsApp : +79515563867
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