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Souls in Mortal Kombat Mobile influence how comfortable your time will be in this mobile version of the great fighting game. And players can select how they want to receive such a currency: thorough hard gaming that sometimes takes hours or even days or in an MK Mobile store, spending only several minutes on this process and making the game even more enjoyable.
Why Choose A Store Instead
If you are into fighting games, Mortal Kombat is what you must download on your phone. Whether you are an avid fan of the series or a beginner, this game is likely to seem like a masterpiece of the gaming industry. Fortunately, the very essence of the gameplay is exceptional, and the battles are as good and exciting as ever. The storylines are terrific, along with the phenomenal graphics and voice acting.
However, you can get all the benefits only after getting souls. Want to earn this currency yourself? Then you can pick one of the following ways:
Tasks. The game has simple tasks that will only take you a small number of souls to complete. Progress on tasks is reset every day, so you can earn souls every day.
Advertisement. You'll get souls for watching commercials for other apps. For one viewing, you will receive 5 souls, and during the entire day, you can watch 5 videos, which will let you get 25 souls.
Missions. Send your fighters on missions, where they will access more resources and gain experience without your involvement. During these missions, your heroes will be unavailable for hours or even a day, but after completing the mission you will receive souls, gold, and other valuable rewards. The longer your fighters are completing missions, the greater the reward will be provided to your account.
Trials. By completing challenges, besides the opportunity to get a rare character card, you'll also replenish your supply of souls and coins. Rewards can be obtained for completing towers entirely and for winning particular battles.
How To Get Souls
Are you ready for thrilling fights? Then don't hesitate and buy souls at the MK Mobile store right now!
Even though some people may consider that earning MK souls themselves is a fun process, for most players, it's even more challenging than it sounds. First, watching ads and sending fighters to the missions seems okay, but after a few days, you feel exhausted and want to quit the game. To avoid negative consequences and enjoy each second you are playing this game, buy MK souls in store. By doing this, you will get numerous benefits, including:
High speed. This process takes just a few minutes. The souls you buy at the MK souls store will be available at your account as soon as you pay for them. So, there's no need to stop gaming.
Safe payment methods. Any way you pick to pay for your souls is protected. Third parties will never find out your bank account details and other personal details.
A cost-efficient process. This MK soul store provides souls for low prices so that you don't need to pay much for gaming. What's more, there are no hidden fees.
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